vendredi, septembre 01, 2006

Photo Sharks Contest: *DOG*

J'aime cette image. Je l'avais déjà présentée sur mon autre blog. Je l'ai retravaillée et recadrée. Je trouve que cette photo est l'expression du bonheur au quotidien... :)
I like this image. I had already posted it on my other blog. Today, I've cropped it and worked on it in Photoshop. I find that this photo is the expression of a simple happiness... :)

4 commentaires:

steve a dit...

Youth and pooches--simple happiness indeed!

merlinprincesse a dit...

Yes! We always remember our first dog. Mine's name was Miquette. I was 4. Many dogs and cats in my life. Too bad they live a shorter life than us. It means a lot of tears for us... How long is a turtle's life?

Calvin a dit...


merlinprincesse a dit...

Yup Cal! They are cute aren't they?!!