mardi, janvier 01, 2008


Aujourd'hui, Zappa est parti. C'était le chien d'Andrea Pratt et il n'avait que 10 ans. Trop jeune pour s'en aller! J'avais pris cette photo en 2006 à travers la porte de la cour arrière d'Andréa... Je suis triste pour toute sa famille... :(
Today, Zappa went away. It was Andrea Pratt's dog and was only 10. Too young to die! I had taken this pic in 2006 through the back door screen of her house... I'm really sad for Andrea and her family... :(

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Princess Pepper Cloud a dit...

So sorry for your friend, our animal companions are entangled in our hearts and lives and losing a friend is difficult.

ritadaphné a dit...

Hello Zappa! Très triste de mourir si jeune!...I love you!..
Courage Andréa et bonne année malgré cette grande perte...!

merlinprincesse a dit...

This is sad, PPC, but this is life. It's never easy. I'v lost soo many dogs and cats and other kinds of animal in my life.... It's always a sad experience, till another 4 legged friend steals your heart! :)
Merci pour ton commentaire, tante Rita! :)

Catnapping a dit...

i am so sorry. it's hard to lose anyone we love...4 legged, or two.

love is love, and we feel it no matter.

but anyone capable of such love will find it again, and both andrea and her new 'baby' will benefit.

i'm certain that our pets hang around, just like other family members who've passed on. i think they watch over us, too.


merlinprincesse a dit...

That's such a nice comment, Catnap! Thanks! :)

Ces a dit...

That's a lovely photograph. I know Andrea loved that lovely Zappa very much.

merlinprincesse a dit...

And Zappa was a good dog... Very patient with strangers.... :)

ValGalArt a dit...

me too! this is a lovely remembrance!

merlinprincesse a dit...

Thanks! :)