mercredi, octobre 26, 2005


From Hallmarks of Felinity

Je sais que plusieurs de mes lecteurs ne parlent pas le français et se demandent bien ce que je raconte... J'ai donc décidé qu'à partir de maintenant, mon blog de chats serait bilingue.
I know that many of my bloggersfriends don't speak French. They sometimes ask me what is that story I'm telling. So, from now on, this blogcat (and dogs and birds, etc) will be bilingual!.

4 commentaires:

The Unknown a dit...

How nice. Thanks. Twice the work for you.

Calvin a dit...

AWWWW thanks. Would you happen to have any contacts in France? Me and the fiance are trying to find somewhere to stay for the honeymoon next year.

Catnapping a dit...

I think cats lie in wait, ready to paw the delete key.

And thank you for translating. Babelfish does help a little, but sometimes things come out very odd! LOL.

merlinprincesse a dit...

Thanks to you all my blogfriends, for reading me and all my excuses if my English is not purrfect! Calvin, I will answer you by e-mail. Love to all of you!